Forms and info for startups

These forms are helpful in operating your truck at a  profit and keeping waist and lost sales due to lack of stock at a minimum we allowed a 10% weekly waist to assure a good selection for customers and keep losses at a affordable level.

-Altance Operating cost form is a breakdown of cost and the sales needed to cover them.

-Weekly worksheet is to help load the truck and keep supplies at a good level and with the pre lunch count to keep waist at a minimal.

-The weekly sales sheet is a clear view of how your doing day to day can very but weekly figures are more reliable.

-A clean credit book if you choose to operate one is a must to gain customer trust.

The completion of these forms adds value to your business as no one wants to buy a business with no records!

Altance operating cost (xlsx)


Weekly Work Sheet (blank) (xlsx)


1 truck Weekly sales worksheet(Template) (xlsx)


Copy of Weekly sales worksheet april 16,2018 (xlsx)


Blank credit page (xlsx)