Development of the 2020 Style Kitchen

Now Licenced and Approved for Export to USA

 Back in June of 2012 the decision to redesign the kitchen was launched. This was in response to pressure from different Provinces and States regarding the practise of extending truck frames for kitchen installs. The staff at Franc Metal determined the maximum length the box or kitchen could be, this became the new kitchen length. Keeping the special features Franc Metal kitchens were known for like superior insulation  and patented folded corner post.  The new 2020 Style was in development.

100 % Stainless

About 6 months later the decision to do these new models in 100% stainless steel to eliminate corros

 About 6 months later the decision to do these new models in 100% stainless steel to eliminate corrosion for the first time including the flooring and interior of stockrooms, and making it all with a modular interior the new box was born. 

Improved Oven Heat


 There was no question the superior insulation was here to stay!

Display real testimonials


 One improvement that came from listening to operators was the increase in BTU's in the oven and hot water heating. The larger burners and regulators help keep a more even heat in the ovens. then to have this system TSSA approved to surpass the requirements of every province.  

It's in the Details


 In the bells and whistle category the serving door light pins were replaced with magnetic circuit breakers and the old serving door"idiot light" that told you your serving door wasn't closed properly with a relay to blow the truck horns, so you know when your door is open. Spring loaded chip racks and plexi shelf dividers are also new. 

Lighting is Everthing


 The LED lights that went threw 3 upgrades over the years to get to there final state were a very noticeable improvement. We are serving food and have nothing to hide so why not light them up. 

The finished results are Impressive

This gave us a kitchen that was solid and well lit, insulated with great heating capabilities.

This gave us a great kitchen well built,lit . insulates with a great heating oven built to last. 

The most exciting new development is the 12 Volt Refrigeration System

The Heart


This 12 Volt compressor Is the heart of the system 

Storage Room Fuse Panel


 This system is so efficient it only pulls 36 amps and even has a start delay for when your starting your truck. This new system allows us to keep the AC in the cab and makes moving a kitchen even easier. It also give a consistent cold not variable like the old system. 


This system has been proving itself for close to a year with great results. Let's not forget this leaves us with AC in the cab a great plus on hot days.


   In Summary

All these changes on a product that really didn't see much change in the last 50 years brings us the new 2020 Model. The fact the new 2020 Model is C95 certified by the Transport Canada and the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety standard eliminates the confusion with city or provincial or state inspections. We strongly believe the new 2020 Model will be the new industry standard for the next 50 years.

Available Coffee System Options

Electronic Coffee System


This system measures the water for you for 12/24 or 36 cups. Pre measured coffee packets also available

option with Electronic Coffee System


Extra shelves that match your oven shelves for quick oven reloads

Standard Coffee System


With this system you measure the water and the coffee for each pot


Video of 2016 Ford with 2020 style Kitchen with Electronic Refrigeration