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Canada's Only Licensed Coffee Truck Dealership now exporting to the USA food truck

New/Used Coffee Trucks


 Whatever your needs we can supply the perfect food truck be it new or a fully restored used food truck for sale used food trucks for sale to cover them. We  build new to order trucks with standard Coffee Truck boxes or custom  Stainless Steel Food carrying boxes. We also carry fully refurbished and  inspected used coffee trucks. 

Parts and Service


 We carry all parts for our food trucks ready to ship. Call us before having  expensive repairs done as quite often needless repairs are done by  service personnel unfamiliar with our systems. We also have short term  lease vehicles available to keep you on the road as your truck is being  repaired. 

Coffee Truck Advertising


After numerous requests over the years for advertising campaign assistance on Coffee/ Food Trucks CoffeeTruckAdvertising.ca was  launched in 2013.  After doing ad campaigns for companies like  MasterCard, Lepage, Baffin, JBC Equipment to name a few, we have the  experience to put ads on trucks from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL. 

Boost or Change Your Career


 Are you looking for an interesting catering solution? Are you looking to  expand your present restaurant or catering business? Are you interested  in becoming your own boss and starting your own business? Are you  independent and enjoy working with people? Then a coffee truck or Food truck as some call it might be the right thing for you. 

Start Ups


Are you interested in becoming your own boss and starting your own  business? Are you independent and enjoy working with people? Do you  presently own a restaurant and want to expand your business at a minimal  cost compared to moving or expanding? Then a coffee/ food truck might be the  right thing for you.To start a coffee/ food truck business, you will need  capital to buy a food truck or a truck and route, but once you are  established you could recoup your investment in as little as two years  while making a good salary in a great small business. We also can  provide on the job training. It is a unique, vibrant and growing part of  the service industry.


Before Start Up Contact Us We Love to Help

We can help with 30 years of experience by giving you pointers on route building and with forms for your business controls  and much more. Before buying a food truck, we want you to succeed. 

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Contact US

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